Hi guys! I'm Poppy, newly vegan and all about body positivity. I promote a healthy lifestyle including the mind, body and spirit. Feel free to ask me anything but I don't to promotions/shout-outs :)
wakefulrealm asked: Hi let's be friends

hey hey hey frand x

Anonymous asked: Hey I just wanted to ask about the oh so famous peanut butter. Like what brand or type or whatever of peanut butter is considered healthy? Is skippy considered healthy?

I fucking love pb let me just say that first. i believe skippy is an american brand so I would have no idea what its like (I’m Australian). If you want the healthiest I would go for organic pb or grind the peanuts yourself, although I don’t think this is the tastiest. I buy ‘homebrand’ pb, which is just the simplest form of ‘procssed’ pb, i love it haha x

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fitandfinetime asked: how is it being vegan? Cause I'm considering going vegetarian for the health benefits.

It’s hard. It requires a lot of long lasting motivation and persistence. Go vegetarian first and see how you go xx